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BPI Sports Strength Gainz is a unique blend of ingredients including two new patented ingredients, that are all geared towards helping you gain lean, defined muscle mass.

• CREATINE MONOHYDRATE - Creatine functions as an energy source for your muscles, improving muscular output and reducing fatigue during rigorous exercise.

• DEXTROSE - Has a high glycemic index, which creates a heavy insulin spike in the body. When taken after a workout, this helps ensure nutrients are shuttled to the muscles to restore glycogen stores and optimize recovery.

• D-RIBOSE - Increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which allows maximum energy production and peak physical performance.

• PEAK O2® - Increased power and endurance in only seven days.

• AMINO 9™ -Increases nitric oxide production for better pump, strength & endurance.

• HIMALAYAN PINK SALT - Pink Himalayan salt is packed with 84 essential trace minerals and electrolytes. It plays a valuable role in the regulation of countless bodily processes.

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