Kodiak Nutrition

Kodiak Nutrition® was created with the mission to destroy the mainstream industry status quo. Our CEO and founders have a long-standing respect for “Brick & Mortar” retail stores. These independently-owned stores are the lifeblood of our industry and America as a whole. With their support & loyalty, we’re driven to be innovative, unique and quality-focused. Our promise is to not only deliver high-quality, results-based sports nutrition products but to create a mainstream culture without selling out at the expense of quality and effectiveness.

Our Promise.
We promise to all of the Brick & Mortar or Small Chain Supplement Retailers to CONSTANTLY strive for perfection when it comes to innovation, quality, research and customer service. Our ever-growing team of young, success-hungry individuals make up a powerful machine that never stops moving. We’re here to listen & we’re here to deliver.Be The Hunter, Not The Hunted.