The Genius Brand

Genius Brand Supplements was founded with the simple belief that anyone can achieve greatness. We wanted to normalize a specific lifestyle committed to excellence & equip those select individuals dedicated to finding the best version of themselves with the tools necessary to achieve greatness & leave a meaningful impact on this world.

You see – whether you’re an IFBB pro, stay at home mom or anything inbetween – our products can be of benefit to you. We don’t need to “market to women” or “market to bodybuilders” because when products are made according to science, the benefits will always be consistent.

If you’re new to Genius, we thank you for the opportunity & ask that you forget everything you thought you ever knew about supplements. We are all on a journey to unlocking the best respective versions of ourselves and we are here to ignite the process – it’s the key to a better world. We are all humans. We are all GENIUS.