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BSN Syntha 6 is one protein powder that you can’t leave off the shopping list. Anyone that’s tried the Syntha 6 range knows that this stuff is the goods when it comes to delicious taste!

This ultra premium protein blend combines a dizzy mix of protein components (with 22g in every single serving) to keep you powered during the day or night, digestive enzymes, and added branched chain amino acids to aid in all your muscle recovery needs. It’s the perfect mix to gulp down not just once a day, but a few times. Grab some to taste the difference!

  • Produces "ridiculously delicious" protein drinks that maximize lean muscle development
  • Doesn't leave you feeling bloated or stuffed; great for several-times-daily use
  • Multi-Functional A.M.-P.M. Protein Blend: ultra-premium quality proteins + digestive enzymes
  • Fortified with BCAAs (for nitrogen balance), Glutamine Peptides (recovery, immune system), MCTs (fast energy) and fibre
  • "Ridiculously delicious" protein shakes that make following a high-protein diet easy and enjoyable. 
  • Fortified with BCAAs, glutamine, heart-healthy fats, fibre, vitamins and minerals for a nutritionally complete meal replacement 
  • Multi-functional protein blend, ideal for A.M. and P.M. use 
  • Enhanced with digestive enzymes for complete digestion, protein utilization and intestinal health
  • No bloating or stomach discomfort; ultra-premium protein sources used in formula

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