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It’s ALMOST here - the new ALL-NATURAL Kiss My Peach Non-Stim Oxyshred! Both the original OxyShred and the Non-Stim Kiss My Peachc ontain the ultimate blend of fat burning  ingredients including Acetyl L-Carnitine, Raspberry Ketones, Inulin Fiber, Garcinia Fruit Extract and CLA. This combination mobilizes and burns stubborn fat cells, boosts your metabolism and limits calorie absorption. EHP Labs has simply taken away the caffeine, so now everyone can experience the same benefits, just without the stimulants. 


There are many reasons why people may choose to give up caffeine, but it really comes down to the fact that we all react differently to different substances, and for some, the negative effects of caffeine far outway the benefits! Some of the negative side effects commonly experienced by those with caffeine sensitivity include:

• Uncomfortable, “jittery” feelings, or dizziness

• Increased anxiety

• Headaches or migraines

• Gastrointestinal issues

• And funnily enough, fatigue and a lack of ability to concentrate!

For those who like to use OxyShred as a pre-workout, the Kiss My Peach formula is better suited to those who train in the evenings, as it avoids potential insomnia or sleep disruption caused by consuming stimulant supplements closer to bedtime.

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